Monday, March 18, 2013


We are doing fine; we have bad days but mostly good.  William’s seizures are getting under control with the increase in Onfi.  He is a happy child.  He knows he is loved as he feels it around everyone he knows.
We are going through a transition concerning school.  In August, William will be transferring to the special education class at Hill Farm Elementary, the same school Addie attends.  I am excited but nervous at the same time.  I will love having both kids in the same place and will actually have time to help more at the school.  We LOVE everyone at Access, William’s current school, and I cry every time I think about this transition.  I can take William to Access and know that Chelsea, Leslie and Stephanie, along with his therapists, love him; and that means everything to me.  They care for him on a level that is far more than just a student in a classroom, and that is what I want for William. I don’t have high aspirations of his learning the alphabet or numbers; all I want is for him to feel loved and wanted.
Addie gave me chills when I asked her about her feelings on the subject.   I know kids can be mean and wanted her to be honest with me about how she would feel about her brother going to the same school. She said, “I am excited.   Mom, I am proud of William.” It took everything in me not to cry, but I responded with, “I am proud of both of you!”

I know change can be difficult, but not all change is bad.  Everyone has an opinion on this matter, but it is a decision that we made prayerfully.  Circumstances may change and this option may not be available a little later, but for now,  William loves being around other children and that stimulates his senses in ways I could not do at home.  I have faith in the Hill Farm staff, because if I didn’t, William wouldn’t be going.  That’s for sure.  But with that being said, it is always a leap of faith to put your child in someone else’s care, especially a non-verbal child who is going blind in addition to other health issues.    It would be easy for me to keep him at home, but if I listen to my heart and do what I think is in William’s best interest not mine, school is where he needs to be.  
So, I ask for you to be in prayer for me.  William will be fine, and I have no doubt that he will capture the heart of everyone he meets.  It’s just hard for me to let go and trust another set of individuals with my son.


  1. I love that Addie is like that. Bailey is too. I couldn't have prayed for a better big sister for my special needs child. Bailey has also told me she is proud of her brother. When I go to her class to bring snacks, read, etc., she always makes sure everyone knows that he is her "baby brother". I wouldn't blame her if she wasn't so proud. I think most children wouldn't be. They say it takes a special person to raise a special needs child. You and I both know, it takes a VERY special sister to be the kind of sister our boys need :)

    1. By the way, this is Dana. Apparently someone changed my user name. Again. I should stop being so transparent.