Saturday, October 27, 2012

The moment we admit our weakness and need for him God begins to move on our behalf by opening doors of hope. If we become fixated on our own feelings, then we are unable to comfort our children when they most need us. But, especially as Christians, we must get our eyes off of ourselves and onto God. Life’s sorrows and challenges always provide opportunities for us to grow and mature, not just emotionally, but spiritually as well.

John (9:3 2)   “Rabbi who sinned, this man or his parents, that he would be born blind? Jesus answered neither, but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

When we focus on Him instead of on our circumstances, He is glorified, and we are strengthened so we can endure the painful journey we have been called to bear. God has a plan for the adversity we face. He will carry us through this adversity or difficulty, and we do not have to be fearful. There are times that God will call on us to endure hardships beyond a point that we think is necessary or effective. He is the person who wants to accomplish in our lives. He calls us to trust him even if our circumstances do not make sense.
When Your Children Hurt
Charles Stanley

William is not a sickly child, but he got the virus that was going around last week and wouldn't eat or drink.  He had to get an IV at the hospital, but from there he recovered quickly.  He has had a "swallow test," and it showed he was swallowing normally - which was good.  However, he is a stubborn little bugger and will only eat and drink when it suits him.  You can't get it down him if he doesn't want it.

He finding life funny these days.  You just wonder what's going on in his head.  He will just be sitting down and will start laughing.  His laughter is very contagious and everyone laughs back.  You would think that was his motivation, but he finds things funny when he is alone too.  It's so good to hear him laugh! 

William attends ACCESS in Little Rock.  The facility and staff are excellent, and he LOVES it.   We are lucky to have him there.  For a child who doesn't talk, he sure can communicate.  He lets his wishes be known!  During the last week, he started climbing on things and taking an interest in things like he hasn't done in months.  Once he climbs up, he can't get down, so you have to stay diligent to keep him protected.

Just about time you think you have everything worked out, things change.  Just part of the game I guess.  His meds are always changing and being tweeked.  Seems like we are giving him something all the time.  As long the meds control his symptoms, we are OK.

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