Monday, November 12, 2012

 For the past week, William has been a little more unstable than usual, and it’s apparent that his seizure activity is increasing.  This was expected because, over time, his body becomes adjusted to one of his current medications.  His St. Louis neurologist prescribed a new drug that has been approved in the U.S. since January.  Evidently, the dosage prescribed was too high for him because it really knocked him for a loop.  Trying to get the right combinations and amounts is really tricky, especially on the phone, and William has been having a hard time adjusting (his parents too!).   He is doing better, we think, but still there is more tweaking to do.
William was scheduled for surgery today, but it was postponed because the surgeon had a family emergency.  We are getting a Mic-Key button, a low profile skin-level feeding tube inserted.   It’s mainly for active lifestyles allowing children to be more mobile while ensuring their nutritional health.  At this point, William can eat and swallow, but he isn’t getting the nutrition or fluids he needs.  With the tube, he will get what he needs in addition to eating what he wants.  Hopefully, he will gain some weight and strength.  The surgery is rescheduled for Monday, November 19. 
It’s funny how things work out.  William woke up today with sinus drainage and acted like he felt bad.  His primary care doctor diagnosed an ear infection and gave him antibiotics.  Now I’m glad he didn’t have surgery today.  Hopefully, he will be better by next week. 
All in all, this has been a week.  It’s been hard to see William not being able to walk at all on his own, but not wanting to slow down.  In that state, he requires 100% attention.   I’m ready for “normal,” whatever that is anymore.
Your concern, thoughts and prayers really do help.  Thank you!

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  1. Braley and Family, We continue to keep William and everyone in our prayers. Wish we could do something to help.
    Love to all,
    Deenie & Ross Swarthout